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We are a group of professionals, with at least two decades of experience in Travel & Landscape Photography, having worked with magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, National Geographic Traveler & numerous others . Our main objective is to offer all-inclusive Photography workshops with holidays in Greece, of the highest quality, ideally combining carefully planned realistic tours, away from tourist clichés, & simple ways of teaching & discussing a plethora of photographic tips & techniques.

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Our Team

Photography Workshops, Photo Trips, Photo Tours & All-inclusive Holidays in Greece By PhotoVoyagers

Vangelis Delegos
Lead photographer - Main tour guide

Vangelis Delegos is a professional photographer, writer and editor from Greece, specializing, for more than twenty years now, in travel and landscape photography (with an equally important carrier in almost every other creative aspect of professional Photography). His work has been published in every major Greek magazine and newspaper (National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Cosmos Travel, Voyager and numerous others), along with his cooperation with Greek and European publishing houses and agencies. For almost the same period of time, he has also worked as a reviewer and technical photo editor in every photo magazine in his country, as a Photography teacher and Brand Ambassador for major companies. His pictures and books have won many prestigious awards.

Photography Workshops, Photo Trips, Photo Tours & All-inclusive Holidays in Greece By PhotoVoyagers

Philip Gavrilos
General tour manager - Photographer

Philip Gavrilos has been photographing for almost two decades now, specializing in Travel, Landscape and Documentary Street photography. He has studied History of Art at FIT of Cyprus and has specialized in Photography & Graphics design. He is co-founder and CEO at Mobian Development and works as a Digital marketer & internet developer. He travels a lot, walks a lot and he is a fanatic user or mirrorless cameras and drones. From 2016 he is a contributing photographer & author at PhotoNET Magazine

Photography Workshops, Photo Trips, Photo Tours & All-inclusive Holidays in Greece By PhotoVoyagers

Maria Klimi
Tour operation manager

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Travel Management back in 2007, she stepped in the world of travel industry. Making her way through different areas of the Tourism field and always focusing on programs within Greece, she has gained experience in Ticketing, Luxury Leisure & Individual Travel as well as in organization and operation of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. Her goal is to create "off the beaten track" programs of high standards so that guests can authentically experience the beauty of Greek landscapes, the Mediterranean light and the millennial culture.

Photography Workshops, Photo Trips, Photo Tours & All-inclusive Holidays in Greece By PhotoVoyagers

Aerial adventurer

Voyager is the newest member of our team. His motto is "the sky is the limit" although he doesn't like to risk more than his has to. He loves flying, he is really great to hang out with and very cautious when it comes to battery capacity. He works hard, loves to travel, just like the rest of us and specializes in aerial photography and video. He already counts many missions with us and is looking forward to the next one.

Why Choose Us

Become A Great Explorer

Our long photographic experience is always accompanied by the excellent knowledge of every possible aspect of the trip. Each point, on the route and off road, every sight and the known or unknown story that goes with it, the excellent communication and contact with local communities and local people as well as the ability to take the journey a beautiful step further away from tourist clichés and boring trips (always on the safe side), are the elements that guarantee you will experience the true feeling of being an explorer in an unknown place for the first time...

Handpicked Hotels

Whether it's lavish hotels, where you can experience pure relaxation and luxury, or incredibly beautiful small traditional houses of the highest standards, the only certainty is that, having completed hundreds of missions over the past twenty years, we will offer the best, sincere and complete accomodation package for you to enjoy during your stay in Greece...

World Class Service

Having more than twenty years of photographic experience with missions in every corner of the country, in Europe and many other parts of the world, as well as working with leading travel magazines and agencies (Greek National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, Voyager, Cosmos Travel, Photostock etc.) our travel packages are structured with professionalism, quality and consistency ...

all-inclusive photography workshop greece
all-inclusive photography workshop greece
all-inclusive photography workshop greece all-inclusive photography workshop greeceall-inclusive photography workshop greece

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