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Zagori Villages, Dragon Lake & Epirus 2

For genuine Photography lovers and enthusiasts, for those who admire breathtaking mountains, indomitable nature, traditional architecture, study the rich history of a place and appreciate its unique tastes, Zagori villages (Zagorochoria) are an unprecedented travel experience…

In this unique photographic expedition, we will explore the most famous and most beautiful villages of Zagori (also known as Zagorochoria), a region of exceptional beauty located in the northwest of the country that hides inexhaustible travel treasures. Landscape photography, nature photography, architectural photography, night shots and many other interesting technical and photographic secrets will ideally be combined with visits to villages such as Papigo, Monodendri and Dilofo. We will stand in awe in front of the deepest gorge of the world, Vikos Gorge, we will capture the breathtaking beauty of Mount Tymphi, walk alongside two of the finest rivers of the Balkans, Aoos and Voidomatis, and we will shoot, day and night, some of the most beautiful old stone bridges in Greece.

All of this, combined with carefully planned portfolio reviews, analysis of all kinds of techniques for amateur and advanced photographers, together with excellent local food and delicacies that you will remember for years. And as always, we will spend the appropriate photographic time to a unique area like the city of Ioannina, its lake, its island and its old castle. Join us in an amazing photographic workshop that can really have it all…

For an extra cost of 130 Euros on your seat price you will be able to hike to Dragon lake of Astraka mountain together with an accredited mountain guide . Our hike starts at the morning from the village of Mikro Papigo at 950 in the most popular pathway up to the mountain. This path is also a part of the long distance pathway so called 03. The first part is a steep 3,5hrs uphill climb to the cole at 1950m where Astraka’s hut is. There are 4 water springs on the way up so there is no need to carry water all the way from the beginning. We will make a rest in the hut, and start then again for Drakolimni, at 1,5hrs distance from the hut at 2100m. Drakolimni is amongst some of the highest peaks of the mountain offering great views to the North face of the mountain. It is really worth to climb to the small peak above the lake in order to enjoy and photograph the rear and beautiful majestic land all around. Gamila 1 peak (2497m) and Smolikas peak (2637m) can be seen amongst tenths of other Pindos’ peaks.

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all-inclusive photography workshop greece
all-inclusive photography workshop greece
all-inclusive photography workshop greece all-inclusive photography workshop greece

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