Photography Workshops Offers & Tour Dates


We are a team of professional photographers, with at least 25 years of experience in Travel & Landscape Photography, having worked with magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, National Geographic Traveler & numerous others. Our main objective is to offer amazing Photography workshops, of the highest quality, ideally combining carefully planned realistic tours, away from tourist clichés, & simple ways of teaching & discussing a plethora of photographic tips & techniques. We love landscape Photography, we travel a lot and we are always under the process of learning and understanding new ways and new techniques to implement to our way of seeing the world out there. We also specialise in natural light Photography, composition, landscape Photography throughout all four seasons regardless the weather conditions but we also offer a generous amount of more specific photographic areas such as HDR Photography, dramatic weather Photography, nature Photography, archaeological Photography, Infrared Photography, Astrophotography and many more. To put it in simple words, Photography is a never-ending adventure with PhotoVoyagers! Come to join us!

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