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We are a group of professionals, with at least two decades of experience in Travel & Landscape Photography, having worked with magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, National Geographic Traveler & numerous others . Our main objective is to offer all-inclusive Photography workshops with holidays in Greece, of the highest quality, ideally combining carefully planned realistic tours, away from tourist clichés, & simple ways of teaching & discussing a plethora of photographic tips & techniques.

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What Customers Say

  • We both love travelling and taking pictures, but the experience we had with PhotoVoyagers in Epirus, really exceeded our expectations. A once in a lifetime photo trip at Greece…”
    Thomas & Linda Ellison
    New York, USA
  • “Vangelis and Philip happily showed me all the tips and tricks, so that I could return back home with loads of stunning photographs in my SD cards. Highly recommended photography workshop!”
    Max van den Berg
  • “Amazing places, amazing photographs, amazing people, amazing time amazing photography workshop!”  
    Wang Li
  • “Wow, these guys took my travel experience to a completely new level. Vangelis truly is a modern Indiana Jones of the ancient Attica…”
    Simon Tremblay
  • “I cannot even begin to describe the hospitality of these people, their deep travel and photographic knowledge. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, helping me to experience Greece in an absolutely unique photography workshop.”
    Robin Timmermans
  • “I never thought that the mainland of Greece could hide such unbelievable scenery. PhotoVoyagers are trully professionals and great to hang out with…”
    Sophia Weber
  • “I am already saving money for my next photo trip, this time in the Cycladic Villages of the Aegean Sea. Vangelis and Philip, count me in the next group. Ancient and medieval Peloponnese was a lifetime experience for me. You guys rock!”  
    Werner Koch
    Berlin, Germany
  • “Highly recommended. They are totally worth of every euro. Not just professionals, but travel companions, photography teachers and friends… Services of the absolutely highest level photo trips.
    Hugo Axelsson
  • “My greatest journey so far! Vangelis and Philip, don’ t forget your promise to come to Brazil one day! Photographing Greece was the ultimate travel experience! What an adventurous photo tour !”
    Fernanda Barbosa


It is known in every corner of this planet that universal concepts such as Democracy and Philosophy were born here, in the holy place of Ancient Athens, and the surrounding areas. The program of this photo trip clearly involves the complete guiding and help to photograph all of these impressive monuments of the city.
Certainly we could not miss a photo tour to the Acropolis or going to the ancient Agora and Keramikos, but beside everything else, we always give extra care for some features that will add uniqueness to our photography workshop. So, the all-inclusive photo tour of “Ancient Athens” has been enriched by numerous excursions and photographing in places and monuments that ordinary tourists normally are completely unaware of their existence.
This is the ideal time to get your photographic gear and become a genuine explorer in our group and A PhotoVoyager just like us. What will surely be remembered for a very long time, will be the photo shooting in the footsteps of Ancient Athenians.

“From the walls of Acropolis, I saw one of the most spectacular sights I have ever photographed so far… – Mary & Alex, Australia”

all-inclusive photography workshop greece
all-inclusive photography workshop greece
all-inclusive photography workshop greece all-inclusive photography workshop greeceall-inclusive photography workshop greece

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